Faux Encaustic
with Chris Cozen from Golden

Saturday, October 31, 2009 • 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM

Do you love the look of Encaustic wax but not the complexity of the process? Well, there is an acrylic alternative! This beautiful soft finish is one which we all admire and want to understand. Chris will be sharing a number of Faux Encaustic "formulas" which will provide you with the key to creating your own look of beeswax without the bees! With a few simple mixes you can be on your way.

Please bring three 8x10 canvases or canvas boards and a few large image collage elements (5x7 or larger). We will use these to create the under layers of our faux encaustic pieces.

About Chris Cozen
Chris Cozen has always had a creative streak, dabbling throughout her youth without any formal training, taking a few design courses over the years. Trained as an educator, Chris spent 30 years as teacher, administrator, college Instructor, and Seminar Leader doing art when the time and space allowed. When she retired from Education in 2000, she built a studio and focused her efforts full-time on her art.

Chris is essentially a self-taught artist with an innate understanding of color and design. Many of her pieces are "stories" of people and experiences, enriched with pieces of family history. She especially enjoys collage and assemblage as they allow her to incorporate into her work "treasures" she collects that help her tell a story. Both her mixed media canvases and her assemblages are colorful, whimsical, and intricate, building layer upon layer of meaning along with the color and collage elements. It is important to Chris that people engage with the story being told, even if they end up telling a different story than was in her mind when she began the piece.

Since 2000, Chris has exhibited in Memphis, Nashville, The A.E. Backus Gallery in Florida, and the Chapelle des Penitents in Callian, France. Her work is held in private collections in California, Maryland, Tennessee, Florida, Canada, Germany, France, Israel, and Norway. She has also written two books: Altered Surfaces, published in 2008, and Transfers & Altered Images, published in 2009.

She is currently a member of Golden Artist Colors' Working Artist Program which was designed to provide artists with first hand experience of the variety of Golden acrylic products and their uses. Professional artists with extensive acrylic product training, such as Chris, conduct classes and demonstrations for artists and students working in acrylic or other media.


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